Obamacare's Winners and Losers

  • May 2, 2014, 2 p.m.
It was just a few weeks ago that President Obama, Harry Reid and Mary Landrieu were declaring Obamacare a huge success because of the supposed enrollment numbers. Yesterday, we discovered that their jubilation was not warranted. Only 67% of those who signed up for Obamacare actually paid their premiums. In Louisiana, that number is even lower - 59%. 
The President and his allies did not release these numbers. They were uncovered by the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee because the President and Mary Landrieu don't want us to know the real enrollment numbers. 
It's not surprising that the enrollment numbers are not good. Even some Members of Congress, like Mary Landrieu, refuse to put their staff on Obamacare. Even though the law says that Members of Congress and their staff must be on Obamacare, they found a loophole and are keeping some of their staff off of Obamacare. If the law is so bad that even those who voted for it don't believe in it, why would the American people?
Those who wrote Obamacare should have to live with it. Senators should not be able to cherry-pick who gets exempted. That's why Dr. Cassidy introduced the In It All Together Act, which would force the President, his cabinet, Members of Congress and their staff to be on Obamacare. 
The American people are currently dealing with all of Obamacare's problems. It's only right that our elected officials have to do the same. 

John Cummins
Communications Director
Bill Cassidy for U.S. Senate

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