Leaders who have endorsed Rep. Bill Cassidy, M.D. for U.S. Senate

  • Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich
  • Former Governor Mike Huckabee
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry
  • Texas Senator John Cornyn
  • Former Senator Rick Santorum
  • Gun Talk Host Tom Greshman
  • Fmr. Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao, 2nd Congressional District
  • Fmr. Rep. William Henson Moore, 6th Congressional District
  • Skip Bertman, Former LSU Baseball Coach and Athletic Director
  • Louisiana Federation of College Republicans
  • Council for Citizens Against Government Waste 
  • Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton
  • Dr. Ben Carson
  • National Rifle Association
  • National Federation of Small Business (NFIB)
  • National Right to Life
  • Susan B. Anthony List

State Legislators

  • State Senator Elbert Guillory, Lafayette Parish, District 24
  • State Senator Jack Donahue, St. Tammany Parish, District 11
  • State Senator Danny Martiny, Jefferson Parish, District 10
  • State Senator Robert Kostelka, Lincoln, Oauchita and Jackson Parishes, District 35
  • State Senator Mike Walsworth, Claiborne, Morehouse, Ouachita, Union and West Carroll Parishes, District 33
  • State Rep. Charles “Chuck” Kleckley, Speaker of The House, Calcasieu Parish, District 36
  • State Rep. Lance Harris, Rapides Parish, District 25
  • State Rep. Alan Seabaugh, Caddo Parish, District 5
  • State Rep. Erich Ponti, EBR Parish, District 69
  • State Rep. Franklin Foil, EBR Parish, District 70
  • State Rep. J. Rogers Pope, Livingston Parish, District 71
  • State Rep. Chris Broadwater, Tangipahoa Parish, District 86
  • State Rep. Hunter Greene, EBR Parish, District 66
  • State Rep. Scott Simon, St. Tammany Parish, District 74
  • State Rep. Joe Lopinto, Jefferson Parish, District 80
  • State Rep. Joe Harrison, Assumption, Lafourche, St. Mary, and Terrebonne Parishes, District 51
  • State Rep. Clay Schexnayder, Ascension, Livingston, St. John and St. James Parishes, District 81
  • State Rep. Frank Hoffman, Ouachita Parish, District 15
  • State Rep. Valarie Hodges, EBR and Livingston Parishes, District 64
  • State Rep. Sherman Mack, Livingston Parish, District 95
  • State Rep. Cameron Henry, Jefferson Parish, District 82
  • State Rep. John Schroder, St. Tammany Parish, District 77
  • State Rep. Paul Hollis, St. Tammany Parish, District 104
  • State Senator Conrad Appel, Jefferson and Orleans Parishes, District 9

Parish and City Officials

  • Mert Smiley, Ascension Parish Assessor
  • Buddy Amoroso, EBR Parish Metro Council
  • Joel Boe, EBR Metro Council
  • Beau Clark, EBR Parish Coroner
  • Don Thompson, EBR Parish Constable
  • Mac Watts, Mayor, City of Central
  • Jerry LaFont, Lafourche Parish Council
  • Cindy Wale, Livingston Parish Council
  • Steve Stefancik, St Tammany Parish Council
  • Russell “Red” Hornsby, Terrebonne Parish Council

Republican Parish Executive Committees


  • Republican Parish Executive Committee of Terrebonne Parish
  • Repbulican Parish Executive Committee of St. Tammany Parish
  • Republican Parish Executive Committee of Jefferson Parish
  • Republican Parish Executive Committee of Washington Parish
  • Republican Parish Executive Committee of Orleans Parish
  • Republican Parish Executive Committee of Caddo Parish
  • Republican Parish Executive Committee of Bossier Parish
  • Republican Parish Executive Committee of Livingston Parish
  • Republican Parish Executive Committee of Rapides Parish
  • Republican Parish Executive Committee of Webster Parish
  • Republican Parish Executive Committee of St. Bernard Parish

Republican Parish Executive Committee Members

  • Anne Price, Bossier Parish
  • Duke Lowrie, Bossier Parish
  • Connie Bernard, EBR Parish
  • Harold Williams, EBR Parish
  • Derek Babcock, Livingston Parish
  • Gary Varnado, Livingston Parish
  • Pat Phillips, St Tammany Parish

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