Health Care

Dr. Cassidy’s experience in the public hospital system taught him that patients should be the ones with the power, not government bureaucrats. To this end, he opposes President Obama’s healthcare law and has proposed alternatives that create sustainable programs to protect the patient and the taxpayer.

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Energy and Job Creation

Dr. Cassidy knows the road to better jobs with better wages and benefits runs through developing our domestic energy resources. He has proposed legislation promoting natural gas as a transportation fuel, supports hydraulic fracturing, and building the Keystone XL Pipeline.

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Spending and Debt

Bill believes Washington needs to stop out-of-control spending and lower taxes for small businesses and families. He’s been an outspoken advocate against earmarks and believes that we must reform our spending programs if we hope to leave sustainable safety nets for our future generations.

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A good education is the key to our nation’s economic success. Dr. Cassidy strongly believes that parents and teachers, not federal bureaucrats, will make the best education decisions for students. High standards yield high achievement, and parents should have a right to choose the best educational opportunities for their children, including homeschooling, private and parochial schools, charter schools, or public schools. Bill and Laura Cassidy are particularly passionate about educating the public about dyslexia and working toward policies and opportunities to support those overcoming dyslexia pursue educational and career opportunities. They are both involved in the Louisiana Key Academy in Baton Rouge. Its mission is to meet the needs of children with dyslexia and those at risk for reading failure secondary to poverty. Dr. Cassidy is also a member of the House Dyslexia Caucus.

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Coastal Restoration and Storm Protection

As Louisiana and the United State’s economy is dependent on the health of our coast – coastal restoration is one of Bill’s top priorities. He’s also been a leader in reforming the national flood insurance program to ensure that flood insurance rates are priced fairly.

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