My life’s work has been focused on providing health care to people in need. My wife Laura and I met as medical residents and together we’ve spent our lives providing people with health care. On our first trip as a young married couple, Laura and I went to Africa. The suffering we encountered was heart wrenching. Since then, we’ve always been committed to making sure all Americans have access to good health care. When we moved back to Baton Rouge after finishing our medical training, both Laura and I went to work in Louisiana’s charity hospital system treating uninsured and underinsured patients. At the charity hospital, I worked with amazing doctors and nurses who wanted to provide the best care possible. The problem was politicians and bureaucrats ran the hospital. These bureaucrats weren’t accountable to patients and patients had no power in the system. Over 30 years I have witnessed the government get more involved in patient care and I have not witnessed improved quality or access to health care because of government intervention. That’s why I believe in free-market health care solutions that give patients the power, not Washington DC bureaucrats. When patients have control over their health care dollars and health care providers are accountable to them, the system lines up to serve them better. Please check out this page to find out more about my ideas on how we can make health care work for you.

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