Bill Cassidy’s Eight Steps to Health Care Reform

Patient Choice – Patients should have the power to choose health care options that make sense for them. A young woman in her 20s will have very different health care needs than a man in his 70s. Instead of Obamacare’s one-size fits all approach, patients should be able to choose the plan that is most in line with their needs. Consumer-Driven Health Care (HSAs) – You can find more detailed information on my plan for Consumer-driven health care in the health care issues section. Consumer driven plans, such as HSAs, have proven a remarkable health care tool. They lower costs and give patients the power to control their health care dollar. This provides a financial incentive to be discerning in how their health care dollars are spent. HSA's give patients an opportunity to receive more value and better quality for their dollars spent on healthcare. Transparency in Pricing – Currently, patients do not have a way to find out how much health care services cost. This is pretty basic economics; patients should know how much their health care will cost before the bill comes in the mail. Increased transparency will follow from increased use of consumer-driven health care because patients will demand it. Information Portals – Americans like and deserve a choice when making healthcare decisions. Utah has done an excellent job of informing customers about their health care options. States should be encouraged to create information portals in which health care customers could access information about different health care plans and costs. However, this should be a free market, rather than a tool for government regulation like Obamacare exchanges. Guaranteed Renewal – Patients want to know that they’re protected once they buy health insurance. Guaranteed renewal would ensure that patients could keep their insurance, even if or when they get sick, as long as they choose to stay enrolled. Preserve the Family – Obamacare penalizes marriage. For certain couples, the government provides each person a subsidy if they are single, but does not give the same couple a subsidy if they are married. Marriage and family should be incentivized, rather than penalized, by allowing married couples to get the same subsidies that similar situated non-married couples get and allowing family members to pool their health care subsidies for family coverage. Allow Insurance Plans to be Sold Across State Lines – The key to decreasing costs and increasing quality in health care is increasing competition so that plans and providers have to compete harder for your business. Allowing insurance plans to be sold across state lines would increase competition. Tort Reform – Doctors spend billions of dollars on extraneous tests and health care services because they rightly feel they need to protect themselves from frivolous litigation. America needs tort reform so that we can reduce health care costs.

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