You may be surprised to learn, at the hospital for the uninsured where I worked for decades, many of my patients had Medicaid. That’s because, Medicaid offers the illusion of coverage without the power of access.Medicaid is an important program. In congress, I introduced comprehensive Medicaid reform called the Medicaid Accountability and Care (MAC) Act. I will continue to develop and promote this legislation in the U.S. Senate. This isn’t a new concept; it originated in the 1990’s with contributions from John Breaux, Rick Santorum, Bill Clinton and others. This legislation would modernize Medicaid's financing. It breaks down America’s Medicaid into specific categories: the elderly, blind and disabled, children and adults. Payments would be calculated on a per-capita, per category basis. The bottom line – the health care dollar will follow the patient. This means that bureaucrats won’t be able to spend money without thinking about patient care and needs. The proposal would control federal spending while simultaneously improving patient outcomes and addressing fraud and waste in the system.

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