America’s seniors have paid into Medicare their entire working lives. America has made a commitment to seniors and we must honor it. The problem is, Medicare is going bankrupt. If we don’t take action Medicare will be bankrupt in a dozen years. Making matters worse, President Obama used Medicare as a piggy bank to pay for Obamacare. He cut $718 billion from Medicare and used it to help pay for Obamacare spending. This is simply unacceptable. We need common-sense solutions that will reform and protect Medicare for generations to come. It’s important to note, that none of the reforms I support would impact seniors on or about to be on Medicare. Any savings derived from improving Medicare and making it more efficient should be put back into Medicare to strengthen it. We need common-sense Medicare reforms Get rid of the Independent Patient Advisory Board (IPAB) – The IPAB is ultimately a health care rationing board established in Obamacare that gives bureaucrats the power to decide what treatments seniors need and deserve. As a physician, this deeply offends me. I believe doctors should work with their patient and their patient’s family to plan a course of treatment. I don’t want bureaucrats in the treatment room and neither do my patients. Protect Seniors’ Access to Care – The current Obama Administration and the policies of Obamacare seek to create a command-and-control health care system in which Washington controls all the health care in this country. These policies are making it more and more difficult for independent doctors to continue providing care to patients in underserved areas, such as rural areas. We need to stop this trend and ensure that seniors keep access to health care in their communities. Transparency – Transparency is key to improving all aspects of American health care, Medicare is no different. We need to give patients more control over their care by providing the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about their health care. This will improve quality and decrease cost in the health care system. Keep Medicare Savings in a Lockbox – Improvements can be made in Medicare to increase quality and decrease costs. Any savings achieved from these reforms should be put back into Medicare to strengthen it for current and future Medicare beneficiaries. Therefore, we must stop President Obama’s massive cuts to Medicare from being used to pay for the failed Obamacare program. We should put those dollars back into the Medicare trust fund to strengthen and preserve Medicare.

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