Private Insurance

I previously discussed ideas for reforming Medicaid and Medicare, but when we repeal Obamacare we will need cost-effective solutions for Americans who need cost-effective private health insurance options. I have developed a proposal that would allow patients access to a consumer-driven health savings account (HSA). This option would allow individuals to put the government subsidies they get into an HSA and save the money over time so they can use it when they need it. Individuals or family members could also contribute to the HSA tax-exempt. This would allow the individual to save their unused health dollars year after year and allow it to accumulate. HSA dollars could also be transferred from one HSA to another between families or passed down in an estate. The plan would include catastrophic coverage in case the individual has a major unexpected illness that is more expensive than the money in their HSA. The individual would be eligible for the plan regardless of their preexisting condition.

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