COVID-19 Update 3.17.2020

This is Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D.,

The White House Coronavirus Task Force and President Trump announced new guidelines every American should follow to save lives and reduce the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. We are at a crucial moment to reduce the spread of the virus and prevent a large spike in cases that can overwhelm our health care systems. This can lead to thousands of lives lost like we have seen in Italy. We need all Americans to follow these guidelines, even if you feel healthy.

Most people that are infected will have minimal symptoms and may not even know they are spreading the virus. There in lies the problem for our most vulnerable. Those over 65 and those with diabetes or lung disease can become very ill and die from an infection. We have already seen this play out in our communities. This gives added urgency to act now and follow the guidelines laid out by the President and our top health officials:


    IF YOU FEEL SICK, stay home. Do not go to work. Contact your     medical provider.

    IF YOUR CHILDREN ARE SICK, keep them at home. Do not send them     to school. Contact your medical provider.

    IF SOMEONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD HAS TESTED POSITIVE for the     coronavirus, keep the entire household at home. Do not go to work. Do     not go to school. Contact your medical provider.

    IF YOU ARE AN OLDER PERSON, stay home and away from other     people.

    IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A SERIOUS UNDERLYING HEALTH     CONDITION that can put you at increased risk (for example, a condition     that impair your lung or heart function or weakens your immune system),     stay home and away from other people. 

    AVOID SOCIAL GATHERINGS in groups of more than 10 people.

As a senator, I am working to ensure Congress takes the proper actions to stem the effects this outbreak has on the health and financial wellbeing of all Americans. As a doctor, who worked in public health and immunization programs, I want every citizen to know the actions they take in the coming days and weeks WILL make a difference, good or bad. Follow these guidelines, reduce the spread of this virus, and help save lives. 

For up to date and FACTUAL information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention visit their coronavirus page here.

Thank you,

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D