#LiftingUpLA | 4.3.2020 Update

Throughout this challenging time, Louisianans across the state have come together to support one another. Local businesses, first responders, and public school systems are going above and beyond to lift others up and ensure everyone has the resources and care they need. Our health care professionals have stepped up to care for our neighbors battling this virus. 

Businesses across the state are cutting back on their regular production to aid in the current pandemic. Many local distilleries are aiding in the production of hand sanitizer to provide for their communities. Porchjam Distillery in New Orleans has switched its entire operation to producing hand sanitizer. Other micro-distilleries across the state are aiding in this as well, like Lula Restaurant Distillery, and Seven Three Distilling Company. 

In Shreveport, a local 3D glass artist is offering support during this pandemic by making ventilator splitters which allow multiple patients to be helped by the same ventilator.

Not only are local businesses and their owners stepping up during this challenging time, but local firefighters are also going above and beyond their duty. Firefighters in Scott, LA are assisting senior citizens by offering to make grocery trips during the state’s current stay at home order.

Beginning this week, Bossier Parish Schools announced its partnership with Revolution Foods to reinstate the school system’s grab-and-go meal plan, helping to provide meals to local families. 

Our medical professionals, state officials, and community leaders are working hard to combat this public health crisis. We have secured resources in Congress to support their efforts as well as help individuals and small businesses through this tough time. 

It’s important now for everyone to stick together as a community and lift each other up. I hope you’ll join me in sharing stories about Louisianans lifting each other up by using the hashtag #LiftingUpLA to share how you and others are helping spread positivity during this time. 

Finally, as a reminder, while the number of COVID-19 cases in Louisiana continues to rise, please be sure to do your part to slow the spread and protect yourself and your family from infection. Contact the Louisiana COVID-19 hotline if you have any questions or need more information:

We will get through this, and we will get through this together. 

Thank you,
Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D.