Working for Louisiana | 4.17.2020 Update

There’s no doubt that these past few weeks have been challenging for Americans across the country. With the economic uncertainty faced by many, I’ve been working to protect our nation’s industries and improve the well-being of families across Louisiana.

During this time of decreased travel, the demand for oil has seen a steep decline. This, along with Saudi Arabia’s manipulation of the market, has greatly threatened thousands of energy jobs. In an effort to protect these workers and provide support across our energy industry, I’m working alongside President Trump to impose tariffs on Saudi petroleum products, and for all US troops to be withdrawn from Saudi Arabia if this manipulation continues.

Furthermore, I recently met with Interior Secretary David Bernhardt to discuss the preservation of the oil and gas industry, and the jobs it provides. We discussed implementing royalty relief in the Gulf of Mexico as a way to ease the burden on smaller Louisiana energy producers. Sec. Bernhardt has agreed to quickly process royalty relief for producers, leading to quicker relief for workers. 

It’s important we do all we can to protect our farmers in Louisiana during these times as well. As small businesses across the country continue to face many obstacles, cotton and textile producers are also feeling the impact of this sharp decrease in demand. I’ve joined my colleagues in the Senate in urging the USDA to collaborate with the cotton industry to create policies that will give the cotton producers needed relief. 

Another critical part of Louisiana’s economy, the crawfish industry, has felt the burden of a sharp decrease in demand as well. With restaurants closed to dine-in customers and large social gatherings prohibited for the time being, crawfish producers across the state have seen a dramatic decrease in prices. In an effort to assist these producers, I’ve joined the Louisiana delegation in requesting that the USDA include crawfish in the $9.5 billion in assistance provided by the CARES Act.

While we continue to seek solutions for sectors all across Louisiana, I hope you’ll join me in thanking our health care workers who are tirelessly battling COVID-19 on the front lines. To all of our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and all health care workers thank you for your dedication to protecting Louisianans. 

As always, please be sure to do your part to stop the spread and protect yourself and your family from infection. Contact the Louisiana COVID-19 hotline if you have any questions or need more information:

Thank you,

Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D.