Fighting for Louisiana: Patient Power over their Health Care

As a doctor, Senator Cassidy has made it a top priority to find real solutions for Americans when it comes to their health care. 

Every American should have access to affordable and quality health care, along with the ability to decide the care that is best for them. One-size-fits-all health care systems are worse for patient outcomes and take away a patient’s ability to choose something better.

Dr. Bill Cassidy believes that YOU, not DC Bureaucrats, should have the power to decide what is best for yourself and your family. That’s why he is fighting to lower the cost of health care to give patients more options and the power to choose the health care plan that is best for them and their families. 

Join Bill in fighting for patients’ power over health care by signing our petition HERE!

Bill is leading the fight to provide patients decision making power in health care, but he can’t do it alone. Join the fight by signing the petition to support more patient power in health care today!

Thank you, 

Team Cassidy