Fighting for Louisiana’s Veterans

Louisiana is home to thousands of brave men and women who have fought, or are currently fighting, in the armed forces. They have sacrificed for their country and for that we cannot thank them enough.

When it comes time for them to transition back to civilian life, our veterans deserve the best care possible. I’m working to find real solutions for the VA health system that increase its transparency and accountability, while also working to ensure that veterans can receive the treatments they need at facilities within miles of their homes. With the high suicide rate among veterans, I’m also fighting to increase the quality of mental health care at the VA.

Not only do veterans deserve the highest quality of health care, but they also deserve access to quality education as well. That’s why I’m fighting to defend their GI benefits, protecting them from predatory organizations to ensure they have the opportunity to receive a quality education after their time in the armed forces.

Our veterans deserve our full support as they transition to civilian life and beyond. I hope you’ll join me in standing up for our nation’s heroes by signing the petition to join my fight and support our nation’s heroes today.

Thank you,

Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D.