The Partisan Games Must End

With many families across America struggling in the midst of this pandemic, now is a critical time for our government to do its job and provide relief to those hit hardest. But it seems the Democrats have other plans.

This week, Democrats blocked an extension of unemployment benefits which would have ensured that unemployed Americans continue to receive the relief they need until a more permanent solution is found. The Democrats are using the unemployed as a bargaining chip to pass their HEROES Act which contains unrelated partisan policies like marijuana banking and federalized elections.

Just like they delayed extending the Paycheck Protection Program, Democrats believe refusing to allow a clean extension of aid and unemployment benefits so they can blame Republicans for inaction helps them politically.

While Democrats continue to play partisan games, I remain focused on delivering real solutions for you and your family. 

As we work on a second round of stimulus spending, I’m fighting to ensure money goes where it is needed most. Families with children need more money to ensure that their family stays safe and healthy during this time. Louisiana families have been, and will continue to be, my top priority throughout this pandemic. 

It’s time the Democrats rethink their priorities. I am committed to working to find real solutions for you and your family.

Thank you, 

Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D.