Fighting for Acadiana

Senator Cassidy has always been one of the most conscientious and diligent senators I know–from working hard to make sure he promotes policies that help Louisiana and all American families to directly responding to state legislators when our Districts need federal help. This year, the Democrats are making a serious play to retake the Senate to stop the progress President Trump has made. Stand with President Trump and our Senator, Bill Cassidy, to maintain our conservative values.”

— Rep. Julie Emerson (Carencro, LA)


Louisiana’s farmers are critical to our state and Acadiana’s economy. Senator Cassidy has worked tirelessly to ensure we have their back. He helped pass the 2018 Farm Bill which doubled disaster assistance coverage options for crops previously not eligible for crop insurance, ensured continued funding for the federal sugar program and provided an additional $500 million in permanent funding to find new foreign markets for our farmers. Following plummeting demand due to COVID-19, Cassidy ensured our farmers received assistance and successfully fought to include crawfish in the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.


Improvements in infrastructure are critical for boosting safety and economic efficiency while creating jobs in the community. Cassidy helped secure funding for improvement projects at the Lafayette and Acadiana regional airports to support increased economic activity and tourism in the Acadiana region. He also helped secure grants expanding public transportation for the Acadiana area to help residents access more jobs and allow for greater participation in the local economy.

Improving Health Care for Veterans

As a physician who worked to provide care to low-income communities, Senator Cassidy recognizes the importance of providing health care to those in need. In the Acadiana region, Cassidy fought for the expansion of Lafayette’s new Community-based outpatient VA clinic. This new, expanded clinic helps ensure the VA is fulfilling its role of providing veterans with the best access to quality care.