Fighting for Central LA

“As the liberal left seeks to erode our country’s foundational principles, Senator Cassidy has proven to be a strong tower; non-wavering on foundational issues. He is a defender of our Christian faith, the Sanctity of Life and of our Louisiana Conservative values. I will proudly be casting my vote for Dr. Bill Cassidy for U.S. Senate.”

— Senator Heather Cloud (Turkey Creek, LA)

Increasing Access to Health Care

As a physician who provided care to low-income patients, Senator Cassidy understands the importance of ensuring quality care to underserved communities. Cassidy has worked to bring millions of dollars in federal funding to clinics in Central Louisiana, allowing them to expand and maintain health care to the area’s residents. Cassidy has also worked to expand the availability of telemedicine to give more of Louisiana’s rural residents quick access to affordable health care.

Supporting our Military

Senator Cassidy has been a steadfast supporter of our military. In Congress, he helped pass the largest pay-raise for military members in nearly a decade. Cassidy has also been focused on ensuring the long-term success of Fort Polk, the soldiers that it prepares for deployment, and the communities that support the base. Just this year, Cassidy helped secure $25 million to build an information systems facility to improve operations at Fort Polk.

First Responders

Fire departments take on many critical duties in keeping the public safe day and night. Senator Cassidy has been a strong advocate for fire departments in the region, helping departments in the Alexandria area secure federal grants to acquire more equipment and protective gear that will allow them to perform their duties.