Fighting for Northwest LA

“Senator Cassidy’s proven leadership, decorum, and passion for Louisiana is exactly what we need in Washington. I look forward to his re-election to another term in the United States Senate.”

— Rep. Thomas Pressly (Shreveport, LA)


Senator Cassidy has fought to secure millions of dollars for infrastructure projects in northwest Louisiana that would boost the region’s economy and improve the quality of life for its residents. Cassidy helped secure federal grants for the Shreveport Airport Authority to attract air travelers to the area and improve the runway for air traffic. He also helped secure funding for improvements for Bayou Bodcau Reservoir, Caddo Lake and J. Bennett Johnston Waterway.


Senator Cassidy has been a strong advocate for rebuilding our military. In Congress, he helped pass the largest pay-raise for military members in nearly a decade. Cassidy has also been focused on ensuring the long-term success of Barksdale Air Force Base, it’s personnel, and the communities that support the base. Just this year, Cassidy helped secure $48 million in job creating construction investment on the base.

Protecting Property Rights

Cassidy will always defend the rights of Louisianans and protect them from overreach by the Federal Government. For example, Senator Cassidy overturned a federal land grab affecting homeowners living near Lake Bistineau. After being alerted that the Bureau of Land Management was claiming privately owned land based on a 1969 survey without notifying all affected landowners or filing its claim in local property records, Cassidy took action. Cassidy, passed legislation in Congress removing all uncertainty regarding land and mineral rights held by the Northwest Louisiana homeowners and landowners.