Fighting for the Capitol Region

“Bill and Laura are the salt of the earth. He promised he’d be a man of family values and is working for Louisiana families. He’s pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump, and most importantly pro-Louisiana. What more could I say? That’s why I’m pro-Bill Cassidy.”

–Rep. Rick Edmonds (Baton Rouge, LA)

Flood Recovery & Mitigation

The Great Floods of 2016 devastated communities in the region and exposed alarming vulnerabilities in the region’s structural flood mitigation capabilities. Cassidy worked swiftly and tirelessly to secure billions in federal recovery aid for the area and passed legislation to fix duplication of benefits to help Louisiana families get back on their feet. Cassidy also fought to fund and expedite flood mitigation projects like the Comite River Diversion which will prevent flooding disasters in the future.

Public Safety

Cassidy has worked to support many of the region’s public emergency services, ensuring a safer and healthier community. He helped secure funding for Greater Baton Rouge criminal justice initiatives aimed at combating violent crime and illegal opioids. He advocated for funding for public health initiatives aimed at eliminating racial disparities in perinatal health. Cassidy also helped secure federal funding for fire departments in the area to ensure they had the personnel and equipment they need to protect the community.


A well-functioning infrastructure is vital for the success of the Capital Region, which is home to a major port, state capital and a large university. Cassidy has advocated for and helped secure funding for major infrastructure projects such as the widening of I-12, improving of the runway at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, improving public and university transportation routes, and full funding of the Comite River diversion to protect against future floods.